Our Company Profile

AEGIS SECURITY LIMITED (ASL) is a wholly Ghanaian owned security services provider registered as a limited liability company under the laws of Ghana and duly licensed by the Ministry of Interior with its office situated at Swanlake-North Kaneshie, Greater Accra Region.

ASL is an acclaimed security service provider with a reputation for both effective and efficient security solutions. The philosophy of ASL, is to work alongside our clients and deliver bespoke and smart security solutions through the use of Technology, Innovation and Cost- Effective methods in protecting life and property, an approach that has become synonymous with our levels of quality and client satisfaction. With our team of highly trained and experienced personnel, you are guaranteed to have our security services conducted by ideal professionals, who are focused on maintaining a tight hold on security. Our well-groomed and efficient staff are committed to duty with excellent communication skills.

At ASL we provide you with qualified, highly trained and skilled uniformed security guards who have been selected through spotting, using character and COPS as the mode of choosing, accompanied with rigorous vetting and screening processes aimed at protecting life, business, property, personal belongings, family, staff and anything dear. Whether you are looking to replace your existing manned guards, train your staff on security alertness, or safety measures implementation, we are always available to provide our expert security services. We strive towards matching your requirements and keeping you secured.

By special arrangement and negotiation, our versatile security team can seamlessly integrate into your organization to perform specific duties to add value to your business or organization. This is because ASL conducts business according to the approved standards of behavior as stated in the Police Service (Private Security Organizations) Regulations
1992 (L.I, 1571) and Police Service (Private Security Organizations) (Amendment) Regulations 1994 (L.I. 1579)

As a policy, before deploying our personnel, we conduct site specific survey aimed at being conversant with both the geographical landscape of our client’s premise, proffer security technical advice and know the requisite number and skill of guards needed for effective and efficient work. In addition, this survey gives us a chance to meet our most esteemed clients, and go through what their expectations and security needs are in order to provide a cost-effective package that suits their businesses or organizations. At ASL, we operate a system that regularly evaluates its processes and customer needs, and has set quantifiable objectives with plans in place to ensure that they are reviewed year on year for improvement.

We are therefore strategically positioned not only to meet but to exceed the expectations of our clients in the provision of unparalleled security services to protect personnel and assets through the practice of our core values, commitment, reliability, flexibility and professionalism.


To be recognized as the leading Private Security Company in West Africa and the Sub Saharan African Region, delivering Unparalleled Bespoke Security Solutions to our clients with the highest level of Competence and Professionalism.

To provide smart and exceptional bespoke security solutions to our clients ensuring
Guaranteed Protection and Safety through Professionalism, Commitment, Innovation, Technology and the adoption of International Best Practices.

Stake Holders Interest & Customer Satisfaction Integrity
Impeccable Reputation & Vigilance Professionalism & Integrity
Team Work & Loyalty First Class Service Delivery
Innovation & Initiative in Operation