Aegis Electronic Security Solutions

Smart Electronic Systems

Access Control Systems – Aegis Security Limited has the capability to supply, install, monitor and maintain various access control systems. We have the in-house capability to remotely monitor access control with state-of-the art video analytics. has a wide coverage of this solution available includes:

  • Biometric – Fingerprint Readers (access control and time-and- attendance) which is operational with or without software.
  • RFID-Proximity Card Readers (access control and time-and- attendance) which is also operational with or without software
  • Keypad-Basic Access Control via codes
  • Intercom systems with and without video confirmation
  • Various locking mechanisms including magnetic and solenoid technologies
  • Electrical Slide gates for vehicle access
  • Turnstiles with biometric readers

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)- Aegis Security Limited provides a wide range of CCTV camera installation, maintenance and monitoring in both homes and offices to ensure that you do not put yourself, business, property, personal belongings nor your family or staff at risk. Cameras do not sleep or go on strike. Our experience shows that businesses and homes are combining man guarding security operations with CCTV equipment to provide 360degree protection to deter the criminal element and to record criminal activities. We install alarm systems in conjunction with CCTV cameras on our clients’ premises and are able to access the cameras instantly should any alarm activation take place.

Our CCTV installation and remote monitoring afford our clients the opportunity to be able to view their premises remotely on their mobile telephones, laptops and desktop computers from anywhere in the world. It’s amazing what peace of mind it gives. You don’t have to empty your bank account to get the security measures you need to protect your home or business. We  offer  exceptional  knowledge  and  skills  at  affordable  prices.

Aegis Security Limited has an extensive in country CCTV and Video analytics capabilities. Video analytics provides preventative and proactive event driven alarms to a central control center and/or mobile patrol units. The following are specific CCTV Capabilities:

Video- IQ: The system is designed based on event driven actions. The system will transmit events and alarms to the site controller and/or central control center. These events can also be distributed to various management staff. The design eliminates the need for a large control room setup and central server storage architecture.

  • From Stand-alone to fully net-workable Digital Video Recorders (DVR’s) to off-site real-time Monitoring, we’ll have your premise under surveillance with high-quality and durable products.
  • We also provide various maintenance plans for different size CCTV installations.
  • Our CCTV systems range between single-channel non-recording systems to 16channel with 2 terabytes hard-drives allowing for up to 1 month’s recording.
  • The camera models are extensive, including vandal-proof domes, PTZ, megapixel technology, hardware and software integration, IP and analogue solutions.