Aegis Event Security Services

Smart and Well-Trained Event Security Officers

Aegis Security Ltd provides professional security for all kinds of events, venues and sites. We also train our Officers to provide other special service such as, assisting in ticketing, crowd control, door supervision, ushering and working in the barricaded areas. Our operational areas include, but not limited to stewardship, concerts, festivals, cultural shows, football games, athletics, conferences and other public gatherings.

Our smart and well-trained officers are also available to provide;

  • Guest with directions where to enter the venue for the special
  • Welcome guest as they arrive at the venue and assist in their registration where necessary.
  • Monitor compliance with alcohol and antisocial
  • Check backpacks and
  • Monitor car parking and car parking
  • Providing high visibility security patrol on the event
  • Secure interior and exterior doors to
  • Conducting area check for health and safety and security deficiencies.