Aegis Integrated Security Solutions

Combined Security Solutions

The Aegis Security Ltd concept of combined security solutions is based on two simple objectives:

  • we aim to offer the cost- effective option available in the
  • we set quantifiable goals in terms of benefits generated for the

Aegis Security Ltd offers reasonably priced security support that meets the technical and service standards of our clients. Our leadership team has extensive experience and will provide a robust security program that will afford the optimum level of protection for the facilities personnel and assets. Aegis Security Ltd offers a holistic and integrated solution to the needs of the company.


Being acutely aware of the prevailing risks and threats in some organizations, Aegis Security Ltd deploys experienced / well trained security Officers to provide access control and general security 24hrs per day. In events where the threat is higher, Aegis Security Ltd recommends the deployment of additional Guards or the adaption of an electronic proactive monitoring system to aid physical patrols, deter and detect intrusion, perform access control, fire watch and other related duties.