Aegis Shopping Mall & Retail Security

Top-Notch Shopping Mall & Retail Security

Aegis Security Ltd, has a specialized security officers trained for the purpose of Shopping Mall and Retail services, our security officers either Uniformed or covert provide a physical presence to deter theft and prevent any damaging to our client’s goods and property.

Aegis team understand the increasing need for excellent security presence in Shopping Mall and Retail shops. We believe every Shopping Mall or Retail premise has its own security challenges, some of which includes Shoplifting, burglary, walk in theft, employee theft, goods in transit and haulage theft among others. This unlawful and unconsciousact of criminals taking place in our Malls or Store units is causing a great loss to organizations and Management.

Our officers are therefore trained to deter, detect and report suspicious individuals to management and the appropriate measures taken against them. With the strong presence of our trained and alert security Officers, shoplifters, are more hesitant and less likely to execute their criminal intentions since their rate is very much reduced.

We ensure our security officers do not only appear smartly dressed and customer friendly but also with excellent communication skills.