Aegis Manned Guarding

Qualified, Highly Trained and Skilled Uniformed Security

At ASL we provide you with qualified, highly trained and skilled uniformed security guards who have been selected through spotting, using character and COPS as the mode of choosing accompanied with rigorous vetting and screening processes with the aim of providing you with quality and competent guards to protect life, business, property, personal belongings, family, staff and anything dear.

Our manned guarding technique follows a customized approach to develop solutions for client’s individual needs; using the most appropriate combination of manned guarding and security technology. Aegis Security Ltd Standard Operations Procedure incorporated with Site-specific training and tailor-made procedures are agreed with the client at the onset of each contract, but regular consultation between our security managers and the client especially on risk assessment and customer care ensures continual adoption and improvement.

Whether you are looking to replace your existing manned guards or combine a team of security guards with your in-house team, we are always available to provide our expert security services. Our manned security services are always striving to match your requirements.